Due to the high cost of assistive  technology, this new organization and Website called TechVision NonProfit  created and incorporated in the state of Tennessee. This NonProfit is aimed at raising funds to acquire needed technology for blind individuals. This organization  obtained its 501(c)(3) status, within 2 months and is ready to help as many students as we can raise funds. Will you help us?

Background: After teaching for over 34 years in schools then creating her own company in 2008, , Denise M Robinson, TVI, Ph.D., noticed the huge issues in acquiring needed technology hindered students from moving ahead like their peers due to high cost.. She first founded TechVision, LLC to fine tune training for these students so they could be fully included in their schools, jobs and life using a PC computer, screen readers, braille displays and all other assistive technology necessary to give them the ability to be at the same level as their peers, or higher based on intellect.  There is a high price tag for technology so now,  she has founded TechVisionNonprofit.org to help children gain needed assistive technology to pursue their education and life goals. 

Tasha with computer sitting in her log cabin with big smile


Yelena ready for school
Yelena ready for school


No matter the test and trial in our lives one must persist and pursue and gain the knowledge needed. Technology with Instruction  is needed to access one’s life.  Yelena came to America for medical treatment due to the Chernobyl incident and a brain tumor. She went to bed one night sighted and woke up the next day blind. Her first spoken English words to her Teacher of the Blind,  were “I want to die because I’m blind.” Within 3 months she learned how to use the computer and email friends. She learned how she was going to access her world. Her screenreader taught her how to speak English and she became the translator for the family. And she said….” I want to live now because technology gives me freedom”.

I’m Yelena and I love math and technology. Watch me fly on my computer.