Dawn Peifer Snow
Dawn Peifer Snow-Board Member

Dawn lives in Virginia with her husband and is the mother of 3 girls who are blind/visually impaired. Her driving force to become well versed in disability supports and services have been her girls: a 17 year old who is blind, lives with autism and hydrocephalus all due to premature birth; A 14 year old who has a visual impairment and lives with anxiety and ADHD; And her daughter who will be forever 18 in our hearts and in heaven, who was blind with multiple disabilities due to a fatal disease of the nervous system (Battens Disease). She is a Partners in Policymaking Alumni and has volunteered/worked within the blind/visually impaired and deaf-blind communities for over 15 years, served on numerous committees, boards and supports families across the state. She first came to the Partnership for People with Disabilities as a volunteer serving as an advisory board member for the VA Project for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-Blindness; and later as a Family Navigator. Dawn joined the Center for Family Involvement (CFI) at the Partnership for People with Disabilities in 2012 first as a Local Network Coordinator and now serves as the Blind/Visually Impaired and Deaf-Blind Specialist for CFI and as the Family Engagement Specialist with the VA Project for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-Blindness. Additionally, she directs the Virginia Association for Parents of Children who are Blind/Visually Impaired (VAAPVI).

picture of Heidi Scheffer
Heidi Scheffer-  Board Member


Heidi is a proud mother of amazing 20 year old Jordan, who will be starting college in the fall. Would not be where she’s at without TechVision Instruction and all tech skills she’s acquired since middle school. Advocate and passionate for technology for all blind students, gateway for equality.

Sandy Bishop
Sandy Bishop- Board Member

Sandy has a BS in Computer Science from Michigan State University. Worked for the Department of Defense in Maryland as a computer scientist for 7 years before “retiring” to her lifelong role as a mother after the birth of twin sons. After a 5 year stint in Germany for her husband’s job, they returned to Maryland and she began homeschooling their 8-year-old twins and their 5-year-old sister. They were home-schooled until they started community college at age 15, with 2 of the 3 eventually receiving scholarships to universities. As their daughter was completing college, they began phase 2 of their parenting story; adopting 3 young teenage girls from China. Each has different physical and educational challenges and through this experience she haas learned much about the special education system in public schools. Their youngest daughter is blind, which is how they came to learn about the education and advocacy needs of blind students and become a stronger supporters of quality education opportunities for blind students.



James R Robinson
 James R Robinson

James R Robinson-Secretary/Treasurer

James, husband of Denise M Robinson, gained a passion for the education of blind students through constant contact with them, whether children living with them or them coming over for lessons or just having fun riding on a zip line or driving vehicles at their ranch.

Picture of Denise M Robinson
Dr Denise M Robinson- President 

 Denise has been teaching blind and low vision students for over 30 years. She started with the Apple II to using all aspects of today’s powerful PC computers.  The world has become open for all those with challenges to accessing their education if they have the right technology along with instruction on that tool.  The challenge  is  the expense of these needed tools. Her dream of virtually teaching students around the world came to reality in 2010 with her incredible team.  Now it is time to help families fund these tools so their children can truly know what inclusion is by accessing all part of their education with their own technology.  TechVision NonProfit is hoping to fulfill this mission, so others may acquire needed tools to live their dreams and access their world.